hobo 0.64 with rails

ok I know I’m newbo and this is lame BUT here are the steps to get hobo installed and running.There are NO documentation except blogs and new groups for the latests version so here goes…Install latest rails and hobo gems
$ gem install rails –source http://gems.rubyonrails.org$ gem install hobo 
Now get the rails version (its going to be rails 1.99.seomthing) and set the env variable:
$ gem list rails$ export RAILS_GEM_VERSION= 
$ hobo myapp
$ cd myapp
$ script/plugin install svn://errtheblog.com/svn/plugins/will_paginate
update the myapp/config/database.yml with the correct database info and your are good-to-go.This is mine:
    development:  adapter: mysql  encoding: utf8  database: myapp_development  username: hobo  password: hobo_password  host: 
we also need to create the users table and admin user.
$ ./script/generate hobo_migration create_initial_tables$ g (for [g]enerate migration, don’t migrate yet.)
Now open the migration file db/migrate/001_creat_initial_tables and add the following after the create table end:
def self.up    
create_table :users do |t|      
t.string   :crypted_password, :limit => 40      
t.string   :salt, :limit => 40      
t.string   :remember_token      
t.datetime :remember_token_expires_at      
t.string   :username      
t.datetime :created_at      
t.datetime :updated_at    

# create the admin user now because we can’t do it    
# through the web UI as it would fail validation    
admin = User.new    
admin.crypted_password = ‘ea87f9851d923a9a287631dd082799b83c0fa473′    
admin.salt = ‘7d8b386a7dfdcd0f268794038104791112cd4acd’    
admin.username = ‘admin’    
This will create a user ‘admin’ with password => password.
Now start the server
$ ./script/server

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