Eclipse MemoryAnalyzer Exit Code=-1

I was looking for a nice tool to read java heap dumps and found that regular JHat was not a great way to go with the 1.6GiB dump files I have. A friend pointed me to a Eclipse project Memory Analyzer (MAT) which is the old SAP analyzer…

Starting it up I got the Exit Code=-1 error and found that this tool is currently not working with java 1.6.x on a mac. If you want to force the tool to use 1.5 open a terminal window and follow these instructions:
freddy@svn:~/mat/$ pwd
freddy@svn:~/mat/$ vi Info.plist
Uncomment this line:
… eworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/1.5.0/Commands/java
This will force the use of Java 1.5!

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