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Booting Ubuntu Server 10.10 from 3TB Drive

yes that’s right I wanted to upgrade my server from 250GB Drive to a 3TB drive but after the first time around installing Ubuntu server and letting Ubuntu setup my partitions I got this:

no bootable device insert boot disk and press any key

I tried booting into parted to see what was up but everything looked great in the partition table. My BIOS was recognizing the disk as 3TB so I don’t think that was the issue BUT it was…

After a good amount of hours wasted since the format process of a 3TB drive is not something that is done in 2 seconds… I found this little piece of info that told me I have to mark the partition that is booting with a boot flag. I’m running this server on a Intel D510MO board and there is something there where it can’t recognize the grub boot partition unless its marked with the boot flag…

here is how you go about doing the install with glory and wonderful colors!!

Run the Default Ubuntu Server install and choose the default “Let Ubuntu manage and create your partitions” (I picked with LVM) then after the install your server will reboot and you should get the can’t find your disk message. Now boot from the install Ubuntu Server 10.10 disk again and select boot from first disk option!!

This will boot your system and you can now access a shell. Here are the magic commands:

  1. Type “fdisk /dev/sda”.
  2. Type “p” to view the MBR partition table. It should show one partition, with “ee” in the “Id” column. This is normal, even though you created several GPT partitions.
  3. Type “a” and enter “1” (or whatever the partition number is) when prompted.
  4. Type “p” again. You should now see an “*” under the “Boot” column.
  5. Type “w” to save the changes.

Reboot and watch your system auto boot from your 3TB drive !!! WOHO babe…