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iPhone OS 3.0 and none functional calendar integration

Upgraded to iPhone OS 3.0 today, nice!

The changes are minor but I like the new stuff…

There is ONE thing however that I do NOT like or understand. When I get an invite from someone using ical ( Apples calendering tool. ) in a .ics file (or any other calendar tool… ) to my iPhone I can’t look/respond/reject the meeting/event. My phone only shows an ics icon and can’t open the file?!?!?

I also have an exchange server at work that I sync the iPhone too and now that works like it should! I get a invite or changes to an event and I can modify/add/reject the event .

Why can’t Apple get this to work!!!

Am I asking too much from the iPhone? I have had this function on the Blackberry for years… (Been a iPhone user for 2 years, Blackberry for 5)

Search! great

cut’n past great!

Add an invite to your calendar not working !>!>! Unless you use a Microsoft product?

If you are like me and feel this is ?  Then go here and post a feature request…