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Installing Tomcat 6.0.x (5.5.x) on Windows 2008 with IIS7

Download Tomcat binaries for Windows x64

Install Tomcat (Catalina)

  • Run normal 32 bit Tomcat install but install as if it were a 64 bit install. Install to “C:\Tomcat”. Make sure to point Tomcat to a 64 bit JRE.
  • If you chose to install “Tomcat Native” in the above step, replace tomcat native dll’s (found in tomcat’s bin directory) with 64 bit versions
  • Replace tomcat6.exe and tomcat6w.exe (found in tomcat’s bin directory) with 64 bit versions
  • Unblock the exe’s (Properties -> Unblock)
  • Allow tomcat6w.exe to run as Administrator

Configure Tomcat (Catalina)

I recommend using the default 8080 and 8009 first if you are planning on none-default port install. When you have 8080 (telent) and 8009 (IIS7) working you can change the ports.

Configure IIS 7

  • Open IIS 7 Manager
  • Navigate to your host.
  • Double click on the ISAPI and CGI Restrictions icon
  • On the right hand panel, click Add…
  • Point the path to your isapi_redirect.dll file and give it a description eg. tomcat
  • Check “Allow extension path to execute”
  • Now, click on the Default Website and navigate to ISAPI Filters.
  • On the right hand panel, click on Add… and point to your isapi_redirect.dll file, give the filter a name (eg. tomcat)
  • Navigate to your Default Website again
  • Add a virtual directory and name it catalina, point this to the directory containing isapi_redirect.dll
  • Click on the newly created virtual directory catalina
  • Navigate into Handler Mappings, on the right hand side you will see a panel called Actions. Click on Edit Feature Permissions and tick the execute permission.
  • Finally, navigate to your host context again and do a restart.

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