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http and https with different urls in rails

I wanted to do the following on my site: and

I ran in to the problem that the cookie was not valid on BOTH domains and I search for the longest time before I found this solution.

What I found was to put this in the environmnet.rb file: (I’m on rails 2.1)

config.action_controller.session = {
:session_domain => ‘’,
:session_key => ‘xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx’,
:secret => ‘xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx’

I had some issues testing this on my local development environment since I was using just cadechristian as the hostname. The cookie host NEEDS to have the . and then a (minimum two levels)

.something.local is valid but .something is not.. The first DOT is very important for it to work.

Now I installed the ssl_requirement plugin and hardcoded the code where it does the redirect to SSL_HOSTNAME and NONE_SSL_HOSTNAME which I set in my development.rb/production.rb…

Works great….