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to_json and associations

The problem was that I wanted to get to a address that was associated with the store. I was using .to_json but this did not include the address information.

First I had var store = @store.to_json but that only gave me the address_id not the address information. After a little digging I got the syntax correct. Here is my code syntax…

This is my head tag:

<script type="text/javascript">var stores=<%=@stores.to_json(:include => {:store_address => {}})%>;</script>

Than I can use the stores variable in my google maps javascript like so:

var storePoint = new GLatLng(stores[i], stores[i].store.lng);
var storeText = '<div id="gmap-content">'+
  '<h4>' + stores[i] + '</h4>'+
  '<em>' + stores[i].store.store_address.address + '</em><br />' +
  '<em>' + stores[i] + '</em><br />' +
  '<em>' + stores[i] + '</em>' +
var storeMarker = new createMarker(storePoint,storeText)

PS. These are just snips and need more code to work..